Cab Tales

by Eric Muirhead 

The scene is Houston in the early 70's, and driving the night shift till dawn a young cabby has abandoned a professional career and all the education behind it in search of life in the raw, which he discovers aplenty over the course of these fifteen stories, encountering a degree of suffering and pain, barbarity and beauty, and wisdom, in the people and situations he meets, that far exceeds anything he has ever experienced.

In this strangely fascinating collection of experiences, Eric Muirhead effectively blends the sprawl of urban Texas in its darkest manifestations against the personal reflectiveness of one sensitive soul. I was often reminded of Harry Chapin’s haunting melody as I followed the cabby/narrator around Houston’s shadowy, grimy environs and encountered the “creatures” of the night he picks up and delivers as he seeks to “fly” and, ultimately, to understand. —Clay Reynolds, author of Franklin’s Crossing

Cab Tales evokes a sense of place as vibrant as The Odyssey; and indeed these stories do represent an odyssey of sorts. Through the eyes of the cab driver narrator, we meet the denizens of Houston’s underworld: strippers, cowboys, desperate men, strong and sexy and weeping women. Throughout it all, Muirhead paints his characters and the urban landscape of Houston with a keen sense of a poet’s eye. Lyric, edgy and powerfully moving, these are stories for and of our time. —Sheryl St. Germain, author of How Heavy the Breath of God

Westheimer, River Oaks, Montrose, the Ship Channel appear, but Cab Tales is not about places but people who need a ride to and from the many locales that make the crazy quilt of Houston. A common thread connects these uncommon people–all need transport. Dolores who can find no one to talk to, a tough kid whose only solace is the song of the mockingbird, the Homecoming Queen from some lost Eden, the pregnant dancer trying to find her way back to Brazil–these are the people you will remember when the cab goes off duty. —Robert Flynn, author of Living with the Hyenas

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